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If getting into the industry as a fresh grad wasn’t hard enough, COVID just made it even harder. With uncertainty in the markets and entry positions on hold or cancelled, graduates everywhere, after pouring their coffee-infused blood, sweat and tears into their education, are left with the same question: “Now What..?”

Our mission, and the thing that gets us out of bed every morning, is to design the future of our client’s business. We bring a mix of business strategy, unshackled creativity, deep technology expertise and world-class analytics to bear on assignments for start-ups, global brands and public health as one of Canada’s leading independent digital agencies.


Now – we want to open our virtual doors to fresh grads by sharing our abilities and knowledge. We want to help you design YOUR future and navigate these unclear waters. 

We’re offering free mentorship sessions lead by some of our A&S rockstars. If you are a recent graduate, apply by June 19 (you know the drill – 11:59 PM EST). Limited spots are available.

This is what makes us tick.

Our team is a carefully selected group of creative and strategic thinkers. We are lifelong learners and thrive by lifting each other up. Mentorship – be it through our ongoing partnership with OCAD to engage students in collaborative design projects, or simply the mentorship we offer one another on a daily basis – is an endless source of our inspiration.

that’s why we started this.

This is our way of paying it forward – in times like these, we all want to do whatever we can to support the cohort of talented and tenacious young agency professionals.

Mentees will receive: 

  • A one-on-one session with one of our A&S mentors
  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Tailored exercises and resources for further development and skill-building 
  • A follow-up mentor session

Every week, we will be chronicling the journey of our mentees and sharing our learnings across our social platforms. We believe this will offer a greater learning opportunity for the larger community. Even if you don’t end up taking part, stick around to see how our project unfolds in real-time. 

Sound like what you were looking for?

Great, because we can’t wait to hear from you.

In order to apply, you have to be a recent graduate (2019/2020) from a Canadian professional school, college, university or bootcamp (really – any sort of post-secondary pursuit will do!).

Meet our mentors

Our team of mentors come from a diverse background both personally and professionally. They each represent departments that combined make up the engine behind Art & Science.

Listen to them share their journeys finding their footing fresh out of school and read more about what each of them would be excited to talk to you about.

Lucia Davenport, Account Manager

Lucia comes from an academic background having studied BA in Music & Media and Cultural Science at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany),  TV Production at Middlesex University (UK), MA in Cultural & Creative Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths University in London (UK), and, most recently, the Strategy Bootcamp at Miami Ad School in Toronto. It’s safe to say she is a lifelong learner.

At A&S, Lucia oversees brand and website development accounts, as well as some performance marketing initiatives. With a communication & content strategy focus, Lucia continuously generates fresh ideas for clients and works towards creating the best results. Lucia is a true collaborator, supportive of her team and leads from behind and by example. Focused on what is positive and realistic, she can articulate tensions and speak truth to power.

Outside of work, Lucia is an active volunteer member of the TEDxVancouver and now TEDxToronto team, overseeing broadcast and live stream content.

Lucia on LinkedIn

Jordana Harrison, Senior Full Stack Developer

Jordana graduated from Seneca College with an advanced diploma in Graphic Design. During her years as a designer and account manager in a different agency, she fell in love with programming and sought out to change careers. After a couple years of dedicated extra curricular self-driven learning, she decided to take the plunge and seek out a development role at Art & Science, where she has resided for the last 3.5 years.

Given Jordana’s varied background and experience in agency settings, she would love to teach self-taught developers how to choose effective paths of learning when everything seems to constantly change. She can also guide juniors in developing the soft-skills it takes to succeed in their role beyond just being a great programmer. Or she’s just happy to commiserate with any other devs that still have to support Internet Explorer.

Jordana on LinkedIn

Hanieh Khosroshahi, Senior UX Strategist

Hanieh is a UX researcher and designer with a background in literature, visual arts and human-computer interaction. She has spent the last five years designing innovative, impactful and accessible products and services in many sectors including non-profit and financial corporations. 

Hanieh would love to help you craft the perfect case study for your UX portfolio. You can talk to her about strategies to grow your confidence as a young woman in tech and how to nail a design interview. Alternatively, she’d be happy to chat about her obsession with Pink Floyd.

Hanieh on LinkedIn

Oendrila Majumder, Senior Project Manager

Very few people graduate knowing they want to be a project manager. Oendrila was no exception. With an undergrad in Marketing and a post-grad in Communications Strategy, Oendrila started a career in copywriting when social media just became a thing (please, don’t do that math). One day she found an agency on LinkedIn that just looked dope; they worked on cool projects, had a progressively diverse culture AND was looking for a project coordinator. She had no idea what a project coordinator was, but she applied. 

Armed with nothing but a personal blog full of opinions about emerging trends on the interwebs, Oendrila entered the industry with no formal project management training but enough determination to fill a room. She dove right into the world of omni-channel design and realized it was her passion. Her career has since taken her to globally renowned agencies, where she continues to learn from award-winning, industry veterans. Soon, with certificates in UX Strategy, Content Strategy and Agile Scrum Principles, she lead end-to-end projects in traditional and digital advertising, product design, service design and more recently experience design. 

Ask Oendrila how to search and apply for a career in client services (project & account management), how to tailor your resume for the job you want, how to expand your network and how 90s hip-hop changed her life.

Oendrila on LinkedIn
Jessica Huynh, Digital Marketing Manager

Jessica is a digital marketing professional with over two years of agency experience spearheading SEO and content strategies that help brands generate quality leads and improve their online presence. Born and raised in Winnipeg, she packed her bags in 2014 and moved to Toronto to complete her studies at Ryerson University. Jessica graduated from the Creative Industries program specializing in media storytelling and curatorial practices.

Jessica would love to share industry advice that actually helped her to get to where she is today. She can speak candidly on her experience as a Chinese-Canadian woman in the workforce and the importance of trusting your intuition. Jessica is happy to chat about marketing, effective goal-setting, portfolio building and fitness (and her not-so-secret obsession of Class Pass).

Jessica on LinkedIn

Want in on the action?

Here’s how you can apply. Send an email to mentorship@artscience.ca and include the following in your message to us:

  • Why do you want to be a part of this project? 
  • What mentor(s) you would like to partner with?
  • The program and school you graduated from?
  • What you are hoping to gain from this mentorship. 
  • A copy of your recent resume, portfolio (if applicable) and student ID.
  • Let us know how you heard about our mentorship program!
  • Let us know if you’d like to stay in touch with our email for future opportunities.

We strongly encourage applications from womxn, racialized people, Indigenous peoples, people from gender-diverse and sexually-diverse communities, people with disabilities (visible or non-visible), people of different religious backgrounds, people with family caregiving responsibilities and/or people with intersectional identities.

While we would love to offer everyone mentorship, we have limited spots available. We’ve all been in your shoes and know that the anticipation of waiting for a response can be the worst, so we’ve made a commitment to respond to each of our applicants as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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