Our Story

We are an independent digital agency, based in the most multicultural city in the world. We are a diverse group of thinkers and tinkerers, strategists, creatives and technology experts.

In 2013, we set out to build a new kind of agency, one focused around the exciting technology that was opening up new ways to move brands forward. Fast forward (and it has moved quickly!) and we have now created result-generating and award-winning digital experiences and campaigns for some of the biggest brands out there. And we’ve also invented some pretty cool shit along the way — come visit and check out our Museum of Awesome Things.

As an owner-operated, independent agency, we are small enough to be agile, and big enough to move the needle.

We are accountable only to ourselves, our clients, and our staff. We are strategically astute, tech savvy, and creatively streetsmart. It’s a sweet spot to be.

Our approach.
Hint: it’s in our name.

Art & Science. It’s the coming together of scientific method and artistic creativity. The dyad of measurable and memorable. Of insights and inspiration. Of data and emotion. Of Spock and Kirk. It’s method, and mad genius.

We believe that to really flourish, science needs imagination, and art needs experimentation. We bring the two together to create holistic, bespoke campaigns and solutions that deliver results, and goosebumps.
Collaboratively Run

We believe in creating trusted partnerships with our clients and all our people. You won’t find silos here, just a team working together to put forward the best brand work possible. Because great minds don’t all think alike, and we know we are better when we draw upon and share our various experiences, talents and backgrounds.

Strategically Driven

We believe strategy is the framework of big picture thinking. Knowing your industry, your audience, your competition, exploring the why’s, gathering the insights, analysing data, and creating clear and measurable objectives. Great strategy is what memorable brands and campaigns are built upon. And it is what sets them up for lasting success.

Creatively Led

We believe creativity is crucial in all aspects of our work. Every person on the team needs to think creatively, not just the ‘art department’. We are a group of strategists, digital innovators, designers, and technologists who approach challenges from different angles, and come together to make fresh connections and enable new possibilities.

Our Philosophy

Every agency has a way of doing things. Our way is informed by 18 rules for creative problem solving.

Check them out.


Agency Snapshot

Years as an independent, result-delivering and super-fun agency.
Accolades won recently. (We’re going to need more shelving.)
Talented team members...and growing! Check out our careers page.

Our Clients
We're for long-lasting and rewarding relationships.

To do great work, you need great clients. And we think we have some of the best around. Their trust, vision and collaboration is what makes groundbreaking work possible. We’re not in it for the one-off — we want to exceed their expectations time and time again.

Recent Accolades

Big wins. All around.

We don’t need to win awards or accolades to know we do great work — the hundreds of millions we literally make our clients every year brings that point home. But awards are nice too, and every year we bring a bunch of those home as well.

Art&Science Award | Dot Comm Award

Dot Comm Award

Art&Science Award | Communicator Award

Communicator Award

Art&Science Award | Canadian Screen Award

Canadian Screen Award

Art&Science Award | AVA Digital Award

AVA Digital Award

Art&Science Award | Peabody Award

Peabody Award

Art&Science Award | MarCom Award

MarCom Award

Art&Science Award | ICSC Award

ICSC Award

Art&Science Award | IAC Award

IAC Award

Art&Science Award | Hermes Creative Award

Hermes Creative Award

Art&Science Award | Wab Award

Wab Award

Our Team
We are a diverse group of experts who love what we do, and have a lot of fun doing it.

How could we not? We get to solve creative challenges, wield technology, build incredible things, craft campaigns and grow our clients’ brands — every awesome day!.

Art&Science Team | Team Photo

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