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Art & Science has a unique way of thinking. Explore our “rules” for creative problem-solving below.

Rule No. 1

Show, Don’t Tell

Rule No. 2

Embrace Failure.

Rule No. 3

Practice Listening

Rule No. 4

Everything is a Hypothesis

Rule No. 5

Everything Changes

Rule No. 7

Ask Stupid Questions

Rule No. 8

Conceive. Make. Measure.

Rule No. 9

Read. A Lot.

Rule No. 10

Keep Learning

Rule No. 11

Filter. Focus. Finish.

Rule No. 12

Solve Problems, Not Symptoms

Rule No. 13

Curiosity is a powerful motivator

Rule No. 14

Ideas are free. Execution is key.

Rule No. 15

There are no facts about the future

Rule No. 16

Ask for forgiveness not permission

Rule No. 17

Never Have a Sixth Rule