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Art&Science Work | T3 Micro

T3 Micro is a global brand leader in next-gen technology styling tools for hair. They had set a goal of minimum 20% year-over-year revenue growth for their eCommerce channel, and to get there, they knew they needed to offer their customers a tailored and stylized digital marketing experience. They turned to Art & Science, and we began working with them in late 2020.

Art&Science Work | T3 Micro

We proposed a multi-levelled makeover focused on growing brand awareness and eCommerce sales. And to do this we pulled out our own performance marketing styling tools — including paid search, shopping, social, programmatic, retargeting and connected TV advertising strategy in addition to a conversion rate optimization testing.


Our full program was realized starting in January 2021 and the first 6 month results look good: our strategy, execution and optimization produced a 51% increase in revenue which more than doubled the client’s threshold of 20%.

Art&Science Work | T3 Micro
Art&Science Work | T3 Micro

In this same time period, we launched an optimization program, generating 33 unique tests across T3’s mobile and desktop experience. By testing different elements, such as button call-to-action text, placement of reviews on the page, highlighting different product features and more, we helped generate a material improvement of 8% in Add-To-Cart events over the same period in 2020, contributing to the overall accelerated growth.


The program is still ongoing, but results from January to July 2021 vs. the same period in 2020 have been hair-curling indeed!

Art&Science Work | T3 Micro
Art&Science Work | T3 Micro
We finally found a digital agency that lives up to its promises. And then some. A&S manages everything from Google shopping to CRO testing to streaming advertising. The team is smart, driven and passionate about helping us grow our business. They’ve made huge strides with our Google performance, and paved the way for us to test new channels like Pinterest and TikTok. There is a cumulative growth effect that we are seeing with our business right now, which directly correlates to the fine-tuned media mix we’ve achieved with their support. The A&S team is invested in our success, and the results speak for themselves!
Antonia Peterson
Director Of eCommerce at T3



51% increase from in revenue from 2020


8% improvement in Add-To-Cart events over the same period in 2020


Website sessions increased by 94%


A 21% increase in average order value

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