Formerly known as Genworth Canada, Sagen is one of the largest mortgage insurance providers in Canada. Servicing lenders and brokers, they work to make the homeownership dream an accessible reality for Canadians.

Looking to evolve their brand, reimagine their website and launch a digital campaign in unison, this campaign spanned every team within the agency.

First up was a complete renaming of the organization. Sagen was born from the root word “sage”, to represent the leadership and guidance that would become a defining pillar of the brand. This sparked a new logo and visual identity to compliment their reinspired values.

Their website also hadn’t been updated in nearly a decade, so we set to work rethinking Sagen’s digital presence. The site needed to house a vast amount of information, including a breadth of products, information for brokers, and analyses of industry trends. To accommodate this, we placed a special emphasis on usability and navigation. The result — a modern and intuitive new website designed for effortless information retrieval.

One novel and particular challenge was how to migrate the established social media accounts to new ones, or change the identity of the account. We succeeded in ensuring Genworth would become Sagen the day of the announcement with no loss of followers. We worked with representatives of all three platforms to ensure we adhered to the standards set for the home loan and mortgage industry.

Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc. developed extensive knowledge of our operations, enabling them to provide valuable insights. The team effectively communicates concepts and feedback, which streamlines collaboration. Their diligence and organization support a lasting partnership.
Susan Carter
Director of Marketing at Sagen



Overall impressions generated


20,000+ Playthroughs of our video


Estimated ad recall lift on Facebook — the new brand really stuck with people!

Happy clients

The Sagen team has been overwhelmingly pleased with the new brand.

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