The Orpheum

The Orpheum by Art & Science is an interactive art installation, musical instrument, and light show all in one. A simple touch triggers complex musical compositions and beautiful, animated waves across its 10-finger touchscreen, and as you play, The Orpheum’s “pipes” fill with moving light, changing colour and intensity to match your performance.

We set up The Orpheum in Mississauga’s Celebration Square for five winter weeks to help celebrate New Year’s Eve and Hometown Hockey. During that time, over 3000 “performances” were heard through the 2,000 watts of sound across three built-in, concert-grade speakers. And because it was hooked into the civic lighting, participants were able to affect the entire square with light and colour — all the way to the top of the clock tower! — adding a unique cultural touchpoint to the festivities.

The Orpheum also made an appearance at TedxToronto 2019, where it brought the event’s theme, “Rise” beyond the stage and into the core of the visitor experience. Meant to evoke a sense of belongingness, connectivity and empowerment, “Rise” was embodied by The Orpheum as its presence cascaded through Evergreen Brick Works’ Koerner Gardens, bringing attendees together with its visual choreography of light and sound.

The Orpheum was a wonderful addition to our event – creating a space for connection, wonder, and discovery. You could see groups of strangers meeting and getting to know each other as they interacted with the exhibit and conducted a brilliant display of lights and sounds.
Kapil Khimdas
Chair of TEDxToronto



Public "performances" during a five-week period outdoors in the Mississauga winter!


Attendees engaged at TedxToronto 2019


AVA Award - Platinum
Art Installation
2019 DOT COMM Award - Platinum
Interactive Brand Experience

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