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VetStrategy manages over 270 vet practices on behalf of their veterinary partners. They are the only 100% Canadian owned and operated company in their industry.

We began working with them in 2013, developing a digital marketing program based on an economies of scale model. Starting with 14 clinics, we developed a robust website template that could be customized based on each clinic’s individual brand needs, including different fonts, colours and layouts. It was also scalable and easy to maintain — an important consideration as VetStrategy continued to grow and acquire clinics.

Eventually, our partnership grew to handle their organic SEO and paid search campaigns to drive revenue and new client acquisition.

By keeping on top of local geo-research in the areas of the clinics, using audience profiles and geographical search data, we were able to tailor and evolve our approach as we learned more about the communities the VetStrategy clinics served.

A key aspect of our partnership is continually reviewing, optimizing, and recommending SEO and paid strategies targeting local competition. This includes training staff at VetStrategy on how to best leverage their blog posts and how to generate and respond to reviews to bring awareness to their operations and drive more visitors to their site. All this on-page and behind the scenes work has led to outstanding results.

We’ve had an excellent experience. It’s been a true partnership from the start. As an organization, we have been able to expand from about 17 hospitals when we started with A&S to over 100 hospitals across the country. Throughout the partnership, the team has shown a consistent level of receptiveness, accommodation, and involvement in every project.

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New clients attributable to Digital Marketing efforts.


Yearly return on investment (ROI) including agency fees.


Lifetime return on investment (ROI) including agency fees.


Average total clinic revenue increase from 2014 to 2019:


Google’s Best in Class
Search and SEO activity winner for three years running.

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