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PartnerStack is a SaaS leader that helps B2B companies build and manage their programs. As a growing company, in a highly competitive space, their team was already running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) digital campaigns to increase sales. But to scale up, with better ROI, PartnerStack turned to Art & Science to improve their performance via Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Capterra.

Art&Science | Partner Stack

To us, a winning PPC strategy isn’t just a numbers game of adjusted bid rates. We come at it knowing that B2B has a slower decision-making cycle for conversions, and requires some creative ingenuity to tap into lower funnel, higher quality leads. Three out-of-the-box strategies helped increase the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for PartnerStack.

Art&Science | Partner Stack
Art&Science | Partner Stack

1. We tackled Google ads by going beyond a simple keyword strategy. Instead, we tapped into insight offered by the sales team and built more qualitative, customized ads and landing pages that reflected what customers were actually asking. In conjunction, we implemented a Target ROAS bidding strategy across all Search campaigns, essentially nudging Google to be more vigilant about who the ads were served to. The result? A 127% increase in ROAS.

2. We optimized Capterra – a go-to portal for anyone considering B2B software that’s backed by Gartner (think Yelp for the B2B market). In half the time, we were able to earn 70% of the revenue gained from the previous year, with hopes that the back half of 2022 will generate even higher revenue.

Art&Science | Partner Stack
Art&Science | Partner Stack

3. We suggested they didn’t overlook the value of brand-awareness-building videos on YouTube and Google. Because B2B is a slow dance, and it doesn’t hurt to see you strut your stuff anywhere and everywhere. The Google brand campaign delivered – providing more than 14% ROI in eight months.



But the partnership set up between our two teams was the ultimate source of success. We interacted daily on collaboration channels, comparing notes and tweaking strategy. Not every client likes to get into the weeds, but we were happy to have PartnerStack right there, challenging us with new ideas that ultimately improved their results.

We constantly look at Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Art & Science took our ROAS from two-to-one to three-to-one. They have the technical expertise, but also the creative mindset that a lot of agencies lack.
Tyler Calder
VP of Marketing, PartnerStack



127% Return on Google Ad Spend


In half the time, an optimized Capterra already gained 70% of the revenue earned in the previous year.


A 14% increase in ROI happened thanks to Google brand videos.

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