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For decades, gay men in Ontario have been subjected to a barrage of public health messages — and that has led a lot of guys to just tune out. On top of that, the messages are often presented the same stereo-typical way: photography of shirtless, beefy, cis-gendered guys.

So how do you create a gay men’s health campaign that will get noticed, challenge complacency, make sex ed fun, and allow for a truly diverse set of guys? We drew it!

An initiative of the Gay Mens’ Sexual Health Alliance, and funded by the Ontario AIDS Bureau, The Sex You Want delivers modern sexual health information in a fun, sex-positive and inclusive platform. The website at the centre of the campaign is packed full of sexy “real story” comics, cool infographics, and educationally-erotic, animated videos!

Along with our illustration partner Light Up The Sky, we developed The Sex You Want over 12 months, with extensive checkins and feedback from numerous community groups.

In addition to the website, videos, and digital out of home, the campaign included posters, postcards and t-shirts, along with media placement in non-traditional advertising spaces like adult content sites and “hook-up” apps.

The Sex You Want Swag Shop


Following the hugely successful The Sex You Want campaign, our client asked us to help the participating AIDS Service Organizations gain easy access to promotional material on-demand. We went one step further and created an eCommerce shop that offers sexy swag to anyone and everyone who wants it.


Using our established branding, playful artwork and colourful palette, we custom designed t-shirts, phone cases, drawstring backpacks, hats, mugs and more. Products were available in both English and French, and playful product names and descriptions completed this cheeky online shopping experience.

Built in Shopify, this online storefront is easy for our client to manage. Better still, the product fulfillment is managed through an on-demand printing service, so there’s no need to carry a physical inventory. Orders are printed, fulfilled and shipped automatically, the moment they’re placed, without our client lifting a finger.


As the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance is a not-for-profit organization, all products are sold at cost. What are you waiting for? Treat yo’ self to the swag you want!

Their work is innovative and unlike anything else produced in Canada, not just in Ontario. I don’t have enough good things to say about Art & Science.
Dane Griffiths
Acting Director, Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance of Ontario



Original animated videos including English and French


Original illustrations


Produced with the help of five community groups, one steering committee, one scientific review panel, and two focus groups


2017 Hermes Creative Awards -
Platinum award for non-profit
2017 WEBAWARD - Outstanding
achievement in web development
2017 MARCOM AWARD - Gold
Non-Profit Web Design

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