Apple IOS 14 and Its Effects for Marketers

February 26, 2021
Art & Science Journal | IOS 14 and its effects for marketers

This is a part of our series When the Cookie Crumbles: Changes in Digital Marketing in 2021


Apple’s most recent software update, IOS 14, has new privacy protections that change how marketers can target ads, especially when using Facebook.


What is Apple doing?

In the new update this spring, Apple is prohibiting apps from collecting their users’ data to target them with advertising, which is currently done through Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Apple announced their new privacy feature App Tracking Transparency (ATT), which provides users with the option to choose which apps can track their activity.

While this feature is good for consumers and gives long-overdue privacy protections, it provides a new challenge for marketers. Without this tracking, especially on a platform like Facebook, marketers need to find new ways to reach their target audience.


How is Facebook impacted?

Limiting tracking means Facebook’s algorithm has less data to determine how relevant its ads are, which means that personalization of ads will be limited with this new update.


How can marketers overcome this challenge?

There are a number of tactical steps marketers can take to help mitigate the loss of data and tracking this update brings centred around conversion tracking and attribution and Facebook has some resources to help, but a change of mindset is also required. As the 28-day attribution window goes away and personalization becomes more limited, advertisers need to reevaluate their business goals as they pertain to Facebook ads. This may include using Facebook for more top-of-funnel goals and even rethinking what kind of ads to use on the platform.

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