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The Juice Agency

A Juicy Look

Once upon a time, Art & Science lived under another name, with a brand story inspired by natural, organic processes like evolution. Like Art & Science today, The Juice Agency offered a diverse range of creative services, and sought to embrace new technologies, so our ever-evolving core offering refused to be ailed down to a single graphic.

The dynamic logo we developed centred on a “droplet” of juice as the identity’s DNA, allowing us to evolve an endless array of graphics based on the same simple shape. From business cards and sales decks, to websites and videos, the identity could take on many forms to support various communication challenges while always remaining true to the brand.

Our business card designs, in particular, proved to be a memorable and successful ice-breaker at meetings. With six different backsides to choose from, letting people select a card often turned into a tongue-in-cheek “personality test”.

Our branding work for The Juice Agency has been featured in numerous books, including Los Logos Volume 6 (Gastalten), Dynamic Identities (BIS Publishers), Dynamic Logo (Dopress), and Creative Business Cards (Send Points). You can also find it featured online at sites like Identity Designed.











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