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Hermès at Work


When famous luxury fashion retailer Hermès decided to take their traveling show “Hermès at Work” to Vancouver, Canada, they reached out to Art & Science to add a digital-experiential component to their activation.

Installed behind the registration desk, our ever-changing presentation was designed both to catch the attention of passersby and to give attendees a chance to contribute to festive vibe of the event. By tagging their Instagram photos or tweets with #HermesArtisan, visitors had the opportunity to see their own mementos appear on the big screen, giving them a deeper sense of participation in the event and engagement with the brand. Every few minutes, the display changed to feature a short graphical video promoting the event before toggling back to the “social media wall”.

Behind the scenes, our custom software automatically “listened” to Twitter and Instagram, and aggregated social content for a human moderator. This Hermès representative was able to select images and tweets to share with the public. By allowing our client to curate the flow of media, we were able to ensure that only appropriate content would be featured on the wall. Art & Science flew to Vancouver to oversee the installation personally (and had a good time hobnobbing with a some celebrity guests!).

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