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Evolution Photo Booth


Long Live the New Flesh

When TIFF created its first original exhibition, David Cronenberg: Evolution, they asked us to help them promote it with an on-site experience at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Our solution was a touchscreen kiosk that offered “free DNA analysis”, but a theatrical “glitch in the system” merged your DNA data with David Cronenberg’s, while we used a live camera and facial recognition software to map David Cronenberg’s face onto yours in real-time.

Our booth even printed a 4x” 6 keepsake of your “mashup”, and  added it to a growing  gallery on TIFF’s Facebook page. Each print contained a unique 4-letter code that let you easily locate your mashup in the Facebook gallery where we encouraged you to share your twisted portrait socially for discounts on admission.

In less than two months, nearly 7,000 visitors had made their own mashups. We don’t know for sure whether David himself ever tried out the booth, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t because we’re all still here and the universe didn’t implode.

cberg_hand cberg_2 cberg_3 cberg_FB_wall_2 cberg_5b Cronenberg Customer

icon_downloadCase Study
For campaign details and results, download the Evolution Photo Booth case study.

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