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Empowering Young Girls Across Canada

Girls’ self-esteem peaks at age nine, but imagine a society where girls grow up with endless self-confidence, self-esteem and pride in celebrating their diversity. Art & Science are very proud to have contributed to this worthwhile effort by retail property owner Morguard.

The Canada-wide BeYou campaign was brought to life in 20 shopping centres across Canada, and our role was to develop both the campaign website, as well as some unique, in-person experiences designed to increase the self-esteem and self-expression of young females.

Jump and Be You!

Imagine jumping in the air and not smiling! Our Jump Wall encouraged girls to celebrate “being you” by jumping up in front of a branded BeYou backdrop and having the moment captured by a professional photographer.

Our custom software automatically cropped the photo, branded it with the shopping centre’s logo, and returned a unique code to the photographer. By texting her unique code to a certain phone number, participants were able to download and keep their photo, and share it with others on social media.


Promise to Make a Difference

Imagine turning the corner in a mall and coming upon an endless stream of promises that  girls across the country are making to themselves and others. The BeYou Promise Wall let any girl with a smartphone answer few simple questions to help them select one of our pre-written promises. Girls could further personalize their promise by selecting a colour and adding their initials before “swiping” it toward the Promise Wall where it would magically appear along with all the other promises being made across the country.



Campaign Website

Serving as the digital “hub” for the campaign, the BeYou website provided a calendar of various in-store events, inspirational messages from the campaign ambassadors, an embedded version of the Promise Wall, and other facts and stories related to the campaign. Responsive and accessible, the BeYou site was designed to look good on any device while meeting accessibility guidelines.

Overall, Morguard considered the campaign a big success, and we’re planning to help them develop a bigger and better rollout next year!


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