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BCC Mystery Box

On Black Friday, 2016, nearly 1,500 shoppers tried their luck at the BCC Black Friday Mystery Box.

Installed a few days before Black Friday, the Mystery Box was designed to entice shoppers to visit Bramalea City Centre on Black Friday by giving them a reason to be on-site in person, rather than doing their shopping elsewhere (or online).

In addition, the “spectacle” of the Box—its size,  its lid that opens auto-magically, the fog that pours out—was designed to help position BCC as a destination for cool, delightful and memorable shopper experiences. (And it worked! Everyone we interviewed said they had a lot of fun playing, whether they won or lost.)

Using a clever combination of real-time 3D animation and four live webcams, the box appears to be transparent, and to house an oversized BCC gift card floating around on a magic cloud of smoke. The experience of entering a code on the nearby iPad caused the box to react with both sound and visuals, building tension in a carefully crafted experience designed to attract shoppers who might be passing by, kept the crowd in suspense and made the experience of entering a code very exciting!

BCC Winner

“Art & Science are great to work with and did a phenomenal job, from creative ideas to final execution. Everything worked flawlessly and the big, interactive “wow factor” component was a huge attractor. We’re looking forward to a long relationship of working with Art & Science to develop amazing experiences for our customers.”

— Eleni Koukoulidis, Marketing Director for BCC

By all accounts the box was a big success.  There was no gap in the constant line-up and 1,439 people played the game, averaging 120 players per hour — a 275% increase in participation over BCC’s previous Black Friday contest activation. As a bonus, nearly 1,500 consumers filled out the back of their contest entry card, leading to a huge boost in our client’s CRM data.

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