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What the F…est

“Warning: tonight’s program contains foul language, animal nudity, cat-on-human violence, animal fornication, excessive underage drinking, small children high on narcotics, and Dark Lords of the Sith high on narcotics”.

This was the disclaimer we read aloud at the start of “What the F…est”.


For years we’d had the idea to host an “internet film festival” where we’d show funny videos in a live venue with a party atmosphere. As Social Media Week approached in 2012, we reached out to the Toronto organizers at Entrinsic to offer up an event like this. And they loved it so much they made it into the official Opening Night Party for Social Media Week 2012.

In the weeks leading up to the event, anyone could hit the “What the F…est” website and input the URLs of their all-time favourite internet videos. From these crowd-sourced suggestions, we curated an hour-long festival and projected it in the ballroom at the Gladstone Hotel.


Since nothing says “viral video” quite like cats, we developed cat-centric branding for the event—including some animated bumpers.

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