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The Ideator

“Million-dollar ideas at the push of a button.”

  • Discover money-making inventions like “Waterproof Soap”!
  • Be the first on your block to uncover an unpleasant disease like “Flatulent Eyeballs”!
  • Chart-topping band names like “Killer Tuba” and “Electric Panther” are a button-press away!

The Ideator combines  words at random (sometimes) resulting in a fantastic new idea. When you see an idea that you like, you can save it for all to see—and you can tweet it, too. Plus, anyone can add words into The Ideator’s databases, ensuring it contains an ever-growing pool of crowd-sourced innovation ingredients.

Check it out at


Update: The Ideator Gets Physical!

For the 2014 DX3 Canada conference, we made The Ideator even more tangible with a big, fat button and a tear-away paper receipt!

The Ideator at Dx3

Rule No. 12 Solve Problems, Not Symptoms

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