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Nifty Fish

Nifty Fish Microsite

Nifty Fish Tank

Spawned in the Art & Science Studio Lab, Nifty Fish is a 60″ digital aquarium that allows anyone with a smartphone to design a unique fish, and “fling” it from their phone into the tank.

With 12 options each for each part, there are almost 800 species of Nifty Fish to create and discover.

Nifty Fishes

The different body parts come from drawings made by the Art & Science staff: from project managers to developers, everyone was invited to sketch and colour a few fish on a template that indicated the general size and placement of body parts. Then we scanned in the sketches and recreated the drawings in software, re-interpreting everyone’s artwork in a consistent, comic book style.

Update: Nifty Fish at Celebration Square

Nifty Fish at Celebration Square

At multiple family-friendly events this Spring, folks were able to fling their fish onto the “big screen” to swim alongside fish created by their friends and neighbours!  (Photo by Instagram user @sammygurl83)

Update: Now in 3D!

The Nifty Fish brand continues to manifest in new ways. Most recently, we lured a few fish off the screen and into the real world, 3D-printing a few species to serve as office decor. You can even order your own 3D-printed Nifty Fish and have it shipped to your home!

3d-printed Nifty Fish

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