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Magic Mirrors

See an artistic reflection of yourself in three different interactive “mirrors”.

Minecraft Mirror:
The “Minecraft Mirror” renders your reflection in 3D cubes. The mirror uses brightness to set the apparent depth of each cube, giving your portrait an architectural quality.

Minecraft Mirror

Time Warp:
This mirror displays 16 smaller versions of you staggered across a few seconds in time. You can do “the wave” with yourself, or finally see how your butt really looks in those jeans.

Time Warp Mirror

Pop Art Mirror:
It looks like a  swirl of confetti, but hold still for a moment, and your Pointillist reflection emerges from the chaos.

Pop Art Mirror

Artistic Selfies
At DX3 Canada, where we debuted our mirrors, people loved shooting selfies in our mirrors. Fully 20% of the Instagram photos tagged with #DX32015 are Magic Mirror selfies, making them the most photographed feature of the entire conference.

Magic Selfies

Rule No. 11 Filter. Focus. Finish.

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