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Go Fish Yourself

With Go Fish Yourself, we created the first and only technology that allows anyone to astrally-project themselves into a mechanical fish.

Through the magic of Twitter, you were able make the fish come to life and speak out loud to the staff in the Art & Science studio. Two live web cams on the associated website let you hear the fish speak and see the staff’s reaction in real time.


Some people  ended up spending hours on end—or even days—inhabiting the fish remotely. From fish-themed jokes and poetry, to official company announcements and beat-boxing, we’ve heard it all. (When a flash flood hit Toronto, the fish selflessly implored, “Save yourselves!”)


  • Modified Big Mouth Billy Bass;
  • Raspberry Pi running  custom software and a speech synthesizer library;
  • Arduino with motor shield running custom software;
  • Twitter API;
  • Two web cams and the streaming service.

Sadly, a few years of fame in the spotlight took its toll, and the fish recently passed on to the big pond in the sky. But the original Go Fish Yourself website is preserved in memoriam:

Rule No. 2 Embrace Failure.

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