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Future Files T.O.

“[If] futurism is sometimes called a ‘science’ bent on anticipating what will come, retrofuturism is the remembering of that anticipation”
—Elizabeth Guffey and Kate C. Lemay, “Retrofuturism and Steampunk”, The Oxford Handbook to Science Fiction, Oxford University Press, 2014


As foresight researchers, we have a soft spot for artistic conceptions of the future, especially those stylized, idyllic images of flying cars and robots from the 1950s. Future Files Toronto is a tongue-in-cheek, outlandish look at the future of our city, inspired by its unique neighbourhoods, art from the past and science fiction.

asweb_photo4 asweb_photo4 junct

The project rides the line between the familiar and the absurd by giving a neighbourhood’s recognizable, iconic elements a futuristic, creative twist. Each image is subject to the individual designer’s vision, but the overall “F.F.T.O.” brand was the result of collaboration.


Glimpse the unlikely future of Toronto at

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