Art & Science provides consultation services in the form of strategy engagements to organizations that require the value that an experienced, savvy and business-oriented team brings.

We are known for providing strategies that work. We believe that if a strategy is worth paying for, then it must implementable. And being implementable means that it considers the strengths (and weaknesses) of your particular organization. A strategy that requires four times the capital resources that are available to a company isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Our past engagements have involved a range of different activities, including:

  • Foresight services (Where is my industry headed?)
  • Competitive analysis (Where does my organization sit in the market?)
  • Stakeholder consultations (What does my target need? How are we perceived?)
  • Go-to-market strategies (How should we bring our products to market?)
  • Growth tactics (How can we increase reach and sales?).

Art & Science leverages a combination of data-based services to gain quantitative insights, along with qualitative methods such as Usage Modeling Workshops, Facilitated Discovery Sessions, Design Thinking Charrettes and Scenario Development Workshops.


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