Experiential Marketing

Today’s consumers are bombarded with ads, all competing for a piece of the “6-second attention span”. Art & Science can help you break through these barriers with engaging brand experiences that amaze and delight audiences.

Our physical-digital installations are designed to attract with spectacle and build brand affinity through surprising, memorable experiences.

Behind the scenes, our custom-built digital-experiential activations are designed to move the needle on your specific business goals, capture consumer data as needed, and even provide useful metrics to review post-event. Our solutions typically include built-in social media engagement, too, aimed at extending the reach of your experience into the social realm.

Our internal R&D Lab is constantly innovating new solutions that blur the lines between the physical and the digital, marketing and play, the personal and the public. But because our focus is on the experience design, we never push a given technological solution.

Our business model is not built around a menu of reusable cookie-cutter activations. Instead, the custom solutions we deliver for our clients are born of strategic thinking, grounded by a culture of design, collaboration, and customer service that makes us an experiential agency like no other. Let’s make some magic together!


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Each activation is unique, often spinning off the traditional axes to create a truly singular experience, but still featuring combinations of the following:

  • Spectacular: the “attract factor” that gains the audience’s attention and draws them into the spectacle
  • Wonderful: crafty and often subtle uses of technology provide the “magic” that creates the sense of wonder and delight one can witness on the faces of participants
  • Physical: the creation of emotional and memorable moments by engaging the senses beyond the visual
  • Social: “owning social” and generating earned media are always top-of-mind objectives for every experiential activation
  • Incremental: participants are given opportunities for deeper engagement, which move the interactions from public and anonymous to more intimate one-on-one channels (such as email or mobile phone numbers)
  • Measurable: built-in data collection that can provide meaningful insights about very specific slices of targeted audiences