Branding & Communication

At Art & Science, the notion of “brand” goes well beyond visual identity, and manifests in every aspect of your organization—from your market position and business model, to how you live your company values.

And today, every brand is co-created with its customers, defined by how they interact with your organization, what they think of it, and how they feel about it. Brand is the emotional side of the consumer-corporate relationship.

With consultants versed in design thinking and facilitation, Art & Science helps startups create new companies and new products, providing guidance on business models, market positioning and the consumer relationship.

We’ve also spent the past few decades building immersive consumer experiences for trusted, established brands—like Starbucks, AirMiles, TIFF and Hermès; experiences that amplify the spirit of each brand while remaining true to their essence at every touchpoint.

We take a strategic, holistic approach to brand communications, but at any given point in the process, our activities might include:

  • Competitor & Consumer Research
  • Brand Development
  • Visual Identity and Collateral
  • Website & App Design and Development
  • Content Production
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management


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