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Data Privacy Marketing

Email Marketing Best Practices for CASL and GDPR Compliance

With GDPR now fully-enforceable, marketers need to carefully scrutinize their electronic messaging practices. Is your mailing list exposing your company to the risk of fines? This is Part 2 of a series on Data Protection, Privacy and Compliance. Part 1 discussed criteria that marketers and business owners should consider in determining whether the EU’s GDPR […]

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Data Privacy Marketing

GDPR for Canadian Marketers – does it apply?

Failure to comply with GDPR could see fines of over EUR 40M. How concerned should Canadian businesses be about this legislation applying to them? This is Part 1 of a series on Data Protection, Privacy and Compliance. Part 2 will provide an actionable checklist of digital measures to achieve GDPR compliance. Today (May 25th, 2018) […]

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Why We ‘DX3’

Last week, Art & Science participated in our fifth year at DX3, a conference-meets-trade show at the intersection of retail, brand and technology. As with all previous years, we secured ourselves a prominent footprint on the trade show floor designed to grab attention, and attract attendees into conversations. We’ve always tried to “lean back”, and […]

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