Why We ‘DX3’

Last week, Art & Science participated in our fifth year at DX3, a conference-meets-trade show at the intersection of retail, brand and technology. As with all previous years, we secured ourselves a prominent footprint on the trade show floor designed to grab attention, and attract attendees into conversations. We’ve always tried to “lean back”, and… Read More »

Digital Project Management

Internal Communication: The Dangers of Laziness

The office has changed a lot in the last few years. The tools we use to interact have made instant communication easier, especially internally. Non-verbal communication is becoming a much larger part of the office dynamic. Today, chat programs like Slack are increasingly becoming the main communication tool among team members. And since these tools… Read More »

Office Culture

It’s Getting Hot (Pot) in Here

I really enjoy sharing my culture. And I especially love to share our food, because food is such an important aspect of it. So when Angel asked me if I would assist with the Chinese New Year hot pot event at Art & Science, I was eager to help! The best way I can think… Read More »