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We can all use some goodness in our feed right now. A&S brings you Feel Good News: a curation of stories to celebrate human kindness, humour, and hope. We’re updating regularly – check back soon.

Last updated on: July 09, 2020

Feel Good News - Wang Yanfang
1,000% puppy love

Five Elderly Chinese Women Devoted Their Lives to Caring for 1,300 Stray Dogs

In China, for over 10 years, Wang Yanfang and her four friends have been feeding, grooming, and loving hundreds of stray dogs in a heroic gesture of kindness.

Feel Good News - Damaris Silva
Strains of Hope

Chilean Nurse Serenades Hospital Patients With Violin

Twice a week, after her shift, 26-year-old Damaris Silva picks up her violin and plays songs for patients and fellow frontline workers to lift their spirits. Incredible.

Sign language friendship - feel good news
Signs of friendship

8-Year-Old Learns Sign Language Phrase to Greet Deaf Delivery Man

Tim Joseph, a deaf delivery driver said it “made his day” when 8-year-old Talluah Roberts greeted him in sign language. The cute moment was captured on video by her mom.

Miss pickles pug - feel good news
Bring Back My Pugs

Toronto Pug Dresses Up As Drag Race Contestants and We're Living!

Miss Pickles, often referred to as “the drag dog of Instagram” has been turning & serving Drag Race runway looks, leaving us shooketh, mawma!

Don Rosario - feel good news
What a treat!

Good Samaritans Raise Thousands of Dollars for Hard Working Elderly Man

70-year-old Don Rosario was selling ice cream when good samaritans bought all of his stock and started a fundraising campaign for him, raising $60,000 so far.

feel good news - auntie sewing squad
Sew Generous

Volunteer 'Sewing Squad' Distributed 55,000+ Masks to Communities

Kristina Wong formed a team of volunteer ‘Auntie Sewing Squad’ via Facebook to make masks for communities in need.

feel good news - time square drawings
From fridge to billboard

Kids Artwork Displayed on Times Square Billboard to Thank Essential Workers

Three kids got the surprise of a lifetime when their artwork showed up on a giant billboard, as a colourful symbol of gratitude for the amazing efforts of frontline workers.

feel good news - uv robot
Clean Manufacturing

Scientists Design Autonomous UV Robot That Can Disinfect Warehouse in Minutes

An MIT Computer Science & AI Laboratory team designed a new robotic system that powerfully disinfects surfaces autonomously.

feel good news - lasagna lady
Generous Portions

Furloughed Woman Cooks Free Lasagna For First Responders and Her Community

After being furloughed from her job, Michelle Brenner decided to create a free food movement in her community. The “Lasagna Lady” has now made over 1,200 pans of lasagna, and counting!

sanitation workers celebration - feel good news
Recycling Gratitude

Town Throws Surprise 'Thank You' Party for Sanitation Workers

Sanitation workers Saul Scruggs and Keon Richardson thought they were going to a meeting, only to find out residents planned a surprise celebration for them.

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