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Last updated on: August 06, 2020

netflix black sitcoms - happy news
go home roger!

Netflix U.S. is Bringing Back Classic Black Shows from the 90s and 00s

Netflix U.S. will soon start streaming some iconic Black shows including Moesha, Sister Sister, and The Parkers. No word on Netflix CA yet but fingers crossed they start streaming in Canada as well!

Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle - Good News
About Time

U.S. Navy Announces First Black Woman Tactical Aircraft Pilot Ever

Soaring through the glass ceilings of both her gender and race, Lieutenant Junior Grade. Madeline Swegle has made history as the US Navy’s first Black female tactical aircraft pilot.

Hiawatha Road community - happy news

New Supporting Communities Are Forming Due to the Pandemic

On Hiawatha Road, the virus has stitched neighbours into a community that exchanges homemade food and homegrown produce. Talk about silver lining!

happy news - raccoon swimming
Keepin' it cool

Adorable Toronto Raccoon Takes a Leisurely Swim in Backyard Pool

I mean … do we need to say anything more? Take a look at the video, it’s so cute!

Dr. Tom Lawton - happy news2
Health-Air Worker

Doctor Runs 22 Miles Wearing Mask to Show it Doesn't Cut Oxygen

Dr. Tom Lawton said he decided to run with the mask on following his concerns for people with respiratory illnesses who want to wear a mask but are too scared to do so over false information.

Surfing the Crimson Wave

Some Public Schools in Australia Now Provide Free Pads & Tampons to Students

Victorian public schools are the first in Australia to offer free pads and tampons to students as part of an attempt to boost inclusivity and break down “the stigma of periods”.

Coronavirus in Afghanistan, Herat - 13 Jul 2020

All-Girl Robotics Team Creates Mobile Ventilator to Help Afghanistan Hospitals

An Afghan Robotics Team of 7 young high school girls finished the design of an open-source mobile ventilator costing as little as $700 (compared to the $20,000 traditional models) to help hospitals.

Feel Good News - Cross River Gorillas

Babies Born to World’s Rarest Gorilla Species Spark Hope for their Survival

New photos of seven Cross River gorillas have emerged for the first time in years, revealing babies of varying ages. This suggests their numbers could be recovering after decades of persecution.

Feel Good News - Talking Masks Isabella Appell
Talking Masks

Inspiring Teenager Sews Masks that Help Hard-of-Hearing Read Lips

Isabella Appell, 17, started ‘Talking Masks‘ from her bedroom after noticing the many comments about hard it was for the hard-of-hearing to communicate.

John Thomas Archer - Feel Good News
Don't Stop Believin'

Shop Owner Gifts Piano to Student After Incredible Performance

After John Thomas Archer’s impromptu performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing’” at a thrift shop went viral, shop owner Mark Waters gave him the instrument.

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