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A five-part webinar series from the creative Team at Art & Science

Design is a rewarding, yet challenging discipline. And getting started in such a fast-paced, fast-changing industry can prove to be nerve-wracking.

So we developed Design Alley, a series of FREE webinars aimed at students, recent grads and fresh freelancers. Design Alley is here to fill the gaps between what they teach you in school, and what actually happens in on the job.

Webinar Episodes

Part 5

Playing the Long Game

The design industry is constantly changing. New trends, fancy tools, and ever-evolving design patterns can make it hard for new designers to keep up. Worse, in trying to stay on top of it all, we might actually burn out.

Join the “Design Alley” as we talk about dealing with imposter syndrome, avoiding burnout and staying inspired.

Tuesday, December 1, 12:30 EST

Design Alley Webinar Part 1 poster image
Part 1

Starting a Career in Design: Tips for New Grads, Juniors and Freelancers

Join the “Design Alley” as they share their experiences and backgrounds on how they got started in their roles, how they established their careers early on, and what their thoughts are on mentorship and networking.

Design Alley Webinar Part 2 poster image
Part 2

Presenting Your Work: Portfolio Development and Providing Design Rationale

Join the “Design Alley” as they discuss how to present design work, from portfolios and case studies to client work and internal designs. They will share their experiences around public speaking and give advice on how to provide effective design rationale to non-designers.

Design Alley Webinar Part 3 poster image
Part 3

Cross-team collaboration: Making the most of working with developers, marketing experts and project/product managers

Join the “Design Alley” as we discuss the importance of cross-team collaboration. Where do you fit into an existing organization? How does the design process dovetail into other processes? How do you best work with developers, project managers and others?

Part 4

Things you don’t learn in school: Moving beyond pixels, importance of soft skills, and preventing burnout

Design school probably left a few things out. Sure, it can give you a formal education in design, and a decent handle on modern software and technical skills. But once you enter the workforce, you may find that these “hard”, or “tangible” skills aren’t all you need to succeed.

Turns out, design skills are only half the challenge. And as you progress, these so-called “soft skills” start to matter more and more. Join “The Alley” as we talk about the soft skills that can help you level up in your career.

Meet the Alley

Kirk Clyne
Chief Creative Officer
Kirk Clyne runs the creative department at Art & Science. He’s also taught design courses for years, and is a guest speaker at industry events. In his copious spare time, Kirk programs original, generative artwork for exhibition.
Alyssa George headshot
Alyssa George
Senior Designer
Alyssa George is a Senior Designer with over 7 years of industry experience, designing websites, logos, illustrations and more. She’s also a fierce knitter and dedicated beer drinker.
Aswin Balaji heahshot
Aswin Balaji
Senior Designer
Aswin Balaji is a Senior Designer at Art & Science. He is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary designer with a varied background that ranges from motion design to mixed reality experiences. He has no spare time.
Hanieh Khosroshahi headshot
Hanieh Khosroshahi
Senior UX Strategist
Hanieh Khosroshahi leads UX Research, Strategy and Design at Art & Science. Her extensive experience includes responsive websites, design systems, brand development and experiential displays. She enjoys writing and climbing peaks.
Rachelle Lenihan
Junior Designer
Rachelle Lenihan is a Junior Designer at Art & Science. She graduated with a Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta in 2018, and has since been developing her skills in UI design and brand strategy. She spends her spare time in the stationery section of Muji or crafting handmade books.
Darya Andriyenko headshot
Darya Andriyenko
Design Intern
Darya Andriyenko is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Design Program. She recently joined Art & Science as a Design Intern and is looking forward to developing her UI and UX skills. Outside of work, Darya enjoys hairstyling and collecting fun stationery.
Kira Hassard headshot
Kira Hassard
Design Intern
Kira Hassard is a design intern at Art & Science. She is going into her last year at York University where she studies design. Even though she’s just getting started, she’s interested in branding and package design. In her down time she loves to practice lettering and explores different illustrative styles.
Elli Seregelyi headshot
Elli Seregelyi
Account Coordinator
(Special guest)
Elli Seregelyi is an Account Coordinator at Art & Science. She graduated from the University of Waterloo from the Knowledge Integration program with a Cognitive Science minor and a Collaborative Design Specialization. She’s also a multi-disciplinary designer and artist, and one heck of a moderator.

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