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Who We Are

Art & Science Digital Experience Design is a team of creative technologists who don’t see art and science as two separate things.

Our designers are as analytical as our coders, and our coders are as creative as our designers. We’re “technology agnostic”, meaning that we don’t play favourites. The best technology solution is the one that’s right for the job.

We have a ten-year history of creating digital experiences for some of the biggest brands in Canada, launching new brands designed from the ground up, and helping new businesses get off the ground with proven customer-centric strategies.

With the recent acquisition of Maple North, we’ve added a robust mix of services to our offering to help our clients build their site traffic, test their messaging and ultimately surpass their lead-generation and sales objectives.

Rule No. 8 Conceive. Make. Measure.

Spencer Saunders President
Adam Green Vice President
Kirk Clyne Chief Creative Officer
Tom Auger Chief technology Officer
Margaret Kwan Art & Science
Margaret Kwan Project Manager
Amanda Wright Project Manager
Anabelle Montesdeoca Project Manager
Natalia Ortiz Project Coordinator
Darryl Clarke Lead Developer
Jordana Harrison Developer
Kathryn Hartog Developer
Alyssa George Designer
Dylan Rozario Designer
Alex Filipe Designer
Nitin Joseph Digital Marketing Manager
Stephen Mah Digital Marketing Manager
Justine Nguyen Project Coordinator
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Paige auxiliary backup dog